The Message Behind the Shirts

We wanted to create apparel that extended the message and conversations we have with our clients and community. To encourage them to take care of themselves and appreciate, with compassion, their humanness and the process of becoming their best selves. With that in mind we create our “affirmation apparel” to honor our practice, clients, community, and potential connections. So here’s the story.

Progress Over Perfection

Nobody is perfect yet according to media you’re suppose to be at least trying for perfection. Right? Wrong! We sincerely decline that thought process. Instead we encourage emphasis on progress, on the baby steps, the getting up when you’ve fallen (hard, gracefully, or with an audience), and embracing the journey to your best self.

Selfcare Soulcare 

Self care is often portrayed as spa days and bubble baths but it’s so much more. Self care is rest and refueling your mental, spiritual and physical self. It’s connected to not only your mental wellness but to your physical, emotional, social, financial, and spiritual health. The same is true for soul care. 

The soul is defined as “the principle of life, feeling, thought, and action in humans, regarded as a distinct entity separate from the body.” For our practice the “soul” also represents the black and minority communities. The soul represents our ancestors and our resilience as well as our traumas and barriers to our success. 

Our mission is to break down the stigma of mental health in minority communities through promotion. As well as address the mental stressors of our cultural uniqueness and being melanin abundant in our country. 

We strive to normalize and encourage intentional mental wellness and to show the positive holistic and community impact “doing your own work” can have on our communities. 

Give Yourself Grace

Our founder and lead therapist found herself consistently telling herself and EVERY client these words (give yourself grace). In a world full of external criticism many of us are our own worst critics. The words “give yourself grace” are a reminder that being imperfect, making mistakes, and not always having it together confirms that you’re human. It’s a reminder to extend the same grace to your own humanness as you do to others.

Now that you know our story go purchase your affirmation apparel and tell us how you make these words and affirmations a part of your story! 

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